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Why Market Penetration Is Job #1 Of Marketing, Not Awareness Building

I've heard it said - and set as the primary campaign goal - that 'we need to create awareness' like the rest will take care of itself.

The logic being the more people who are aware of you the more they will 'buy' from you - whatever it is you're selling. Building 'awareness' is often set as a first priority goal and measurement. This kind of thinking might be taking you wide of achieving success in your marketing and campaign programs. Your marketing should be concerned with market penetration first and foremost. Why not awareness as the proxy goal?

1. It is not a hard business measure we can plan strategy around - except to say, let's keep them aware or make them more aware; 2. It doesn't drive to insight into purchasing behaviour, product or service resonance, or depth of relationship to the brand; 3. It measures only after the fact.

Why market penetration as job #1?

1. It reveals awareness, as well as opportunities for innovation and diversification; 2. It reveals product, service, brand resonance; 3. It can be measured in near real time. Some quick thoughts for you as you plan and establish your key campaign goals and metrics.

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