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What is BAT? How To Get Paid For Simply Surfing The Web

A few years ago, a new browser called Brave was launched and, with it, a new digital token called BAT. BAT is Basic Attention Token, given to users of Brave Browser for simply watching content available through browsing from partners of the Brave Network.

Basic Attention Token logo
Basic Attention Token logo

The Brave Network continues to grow, with well over 100,000 companies in the network now, including major news organizations like The Guardian newspaper, and global directories like Wikipedia. It’s not only ads you watch for which you get rewarded when you use Brave Browser, you’re also rewarded in BAT for viewing content on partner sites. What’s interesting about Brave and BAT is they introduced a new way for consumers to be rewarded for attention, which previously was given away to advertisers for nothing, while forcing consumers to watch or click over content that they didn’t want. Brave browser eliminates the ads and content that you don’t want and, instead, tailors the viewing experience to your likes. The entry of BAT into the advertising ecosystem will continue to change the way advertising is done and the ways in which consumers are rewarded for their attention. Soon it will happen that analysis of consumer engagement behaviour will include the amount of real attention put onto advertising content. The creation of The Attention Council (TAC) is now putting the attention on ad placement quality, which marks a new direction in how companies engage with customers. We will be seeing more from them, and more of this focus coming to our devices soon. As a browser, Brave also comes with some very nice features, including ad blocking and blocking of trackers, faster load times which saves you bandwidth, data costs and time. Brave also comes with a built-in VPN and now a built-in wallet of its own. Before the recent launch of the Brave wallet, Brave browser token holders would have to link to a wallet through Uphold which would hold the digital BAT token, where you could convert it into other crypto or even other fiat currency. Brave’s new wallet has all the security features included without this extra step to Uphold.

I use Brave browser myself and just through the basic work I do using the Internet have made the equivalent of 140 US dollars in the last year, doing nothing more than what I used to do. The new era of rewarding consumers through their everyday routines is upon us, which is better for consumers and the advertisers who constantly pursue us in the hope they will be rewarded by our attention.

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