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"We Sell Pain Pills": Your Content Marketing Strategy & The Power Of Focus

According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, nine out of ten marketers have a content marketing strategy yet only 30% of those strategies give any true return on investment. Why do so many content marketing strategies fail? From our library we're resurfacing this interesting presentation by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. In this presentation first given in 2015, Pulizzi discusses how to make a content marketing strategy more effective by addressing customer pain points. As my father used to say, having worked in senior global marketing and sales positions with Fortune 500 technology companies, "what we really sell are pain pills." Pulizzi says addressing customer pain points helps turn a heavily brand-centric content marketing strategy into one that creates more focused and potentially more immediate ROI. If you're a strategist or content creator, this presentation is a worthwhile listen.

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