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KemPound's Success Formula - Lowest Prices, Fastest DLV, Focus On Seniors & Marginalized Patients

Updated: Apr 8

Profiles of today's local/global innovators and industry leaders.

KemPound Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacy is unique among other compounding and repackaging pharmacies, putting a premium on serving populations that need special care at the most affordable prices. KemPound's vision is elegantly simple: meet the needs of price-sensitive seniors and other income-sensitive or socially-marginalized patients with quality and 24-hour delivery. It's a formula that has helped KemPound become the go-to compounding partner for a growing list of pharmacies and pharmacists across Alberta. KemPound focuses on providing combination therapy to seniors for medication adherence and improved chronic disease management; low-cost drug alternatives for marginalized populations; low-cost drug alternatives for Indigenous populations; and the unique needs of gender and sexual diverse people. KemPound assures the highest quality with the lowest prices, which gives them a distinct competitive advantage in a price-conscious category.

Licensed by the Alberta College of Pharmacy, KemPound Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacy is a 1000 sq ft, Level B standalone, nonsterile laboratory in Edmonton that supplies every non-sterile, non-hazardous, compounding fomulation, including formulations for creams, capsules, gummies, ointments, suppositories, suspensions, and troches/lozenges. Orders can be taken by phone and fax.

If you're a pharmacy or pharmacist owner, you can trial KemPound by contacting Helen at

By August 2022, KemPound will offer sterile compounding and veterinary compounding. By the summer, the company will also provide products in the aesthetic, dermatology, nutraceuticals, longevity, pharmacogenomics and precision medicine categories.

KemPound is Quality, from Products to Staff KemPound's commitment to quality includes their extensively-trained and experienced leadership team, who have worked in lab and pharmacy settings, as scientists, pharmacists, and pharmacy owners themselves. KemPound is the brainchild of pharmacist and owner, Morẹ́nikẹ́ Ẹniọlá Ọláòṣebìkan, one of Canada's rising entrepreneurial stars.

KemPound Pedigree

Morẹ́nikẹ́ Ẹniọlá Ọláòṣebìkan, owner/operator, BSc. Pharm. RPh. APA; Clinical Academic Colleague with 13 years pharmacy practice experience; 10 years pharmacy ownership and management experience.

Onyinyechi Nnaji, BSc. Pharm. RPh. 11 years pharmacy practice experience.

Helen Okoli, BSc. Pharm. RPh. 16 years pharmacy practice experience. Four years Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. Executive Leadership experience with a major multinational company.

Navdeep Kaur, Provisional Technician, Alberta College of Pharmacy Register. Four years Pharmacy Assistant/ technician experience.

Tawfiquer Raihan, BPharm, MS Pharmacy, Master of Science industrial Pharmacy, PhD (In Progress) Industrial Pharmacy Principal Process Engineer and Formulator with over 28 years of experience in manufacturing and design of solid dosage form (Tablet, Capsule, Extended release/Sustained release dosage unit), Semi solids (cream, lotions, ointments), Liquids and Gels. Extensive knowledge in Transdermal Dosage System and pilot plant set up.

KemPound's current staffing and equipment can handle 144 scripts in 24 hours. The company has plans to scale with more staff and more equipment, until they max out the capacity of their current space at 1,440 scripts and 20 staff working 24 hours. If you're a pharmacy owner, or a pharmacist, or both, you can trial KemPound's services by contacting Helen at If you're a patient, ask your doctor or pharmacist if they carry KemPound-made products for your next prescription.

For more information, view the company's brochure.

KemPound Service Brochure March 2022
Download PDF • 200KB

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