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How We Made It - Toku Systems

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

We're often asked how we make effective creative. Here's a recent example of a product brand and video we made for Toku Systems globally, which has helped them reach new customers and achieve new heights in sales growth. Toku Systems is a company that has revolutionized the way that pipelines are monitored. Until they invented their plug-and-play technology, pipeline companies around the world relied on data that was slow to retrieve in remote situations that were hard to monitor well on a regular basis. Toku changed that - and we helped them change purchasing behaviours by introducing Toku Systems to the world, in part through this educational video that worked to introduce the product and brand it.

How we made it

The first step was identifying what the customer pain points were, the limitations with SCADA systems, the trouble companies had in monitoring in harsh environments, or along miles of pipe, the unreliability of slow-to-capture data, the inability to detect pinhole leaks, and the common problem of system theft in the field. From here, we created a marketing communications plan that addressed audiences, key messaging strategy, barriers to market entry, and the channels that we would use to target and communicate with our B-to-B audience. A key tactic for the program was an educational video that would also brand the value of the product to consumers, and differentiate the offer both functionally and emotionally. We then created a script for the video and a storyboard for client approval, which convinced them that we needed to bring the system to life as much as we needed to show how it was used. We then dipped into our extensive network of 3-D artists to render us a model of the Toku device, and used our video editor to build the story of Toku. As it was winter when we were building this product, and it was hard to get any good custom video shot, we hand-selected stock video to tell the Toku story in such a way that it looked original to them. We then chose a music track that would help carry the animation and help the voice over move at the right pace. Voicing this, we used a 30-year professional with whom we've worked extensively and who had the right tone and feel for the project. Underneath of all of this, we added sound effects to further bring the video to life, from the sounds of the machine coming into focus, to birds, to water. The result was a highly-polished and professional video that Toku Systems used in many different sales situations, from online, to directly mailing customers, in presentation meetings to customers, and at tradeshows. The project took roughly 6 weeks to complete and has had a major and positive impact on new sales and new customer interest.

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