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9 Hidden Gems You Need To Visit In Lusaka

Lusaka, Zambia is my hometown. There are many hidden gems to explore. Here are just nine cool places where you can sample unique shopping, food and drinks, short journeys and fun overnight experiences.

Tailors, Clothes, Hair, Nails

Northmead Market

You'll find all kinds of fun things in Northmead, including custom hair saloons and tailor shops. What you walk into might not be a glossy shop, but you can find the best tailors and stylists here.

Cairo Road, Pimp Styles

Fine designer women's styles hard to find anywhere else. There is a small selection of sizes, but you can find everything from size zero to 24!

Vanessa's Store, Chilenje Market Hard to find since the store doesn't have a name except the name of the owner. You will need to ask around for Vanessa and look for a maroon shop. She sells leather jackets, handbags and jeggings mostly, and she has great taste. If you're looking for a standout jacket or accessory, find Vanessa in Chilenje Market. That's Vanessa in yellow. Pretty hard to miss.

Food & Drink

Pa Mbuzi, Chelston Big Market A good spot to have a cold one as you explore Chelston Big Market. Also a good place for fresh roasted goat meat. A bit hard to find, but just ask for Pa Mbuzi.

Another Mike's Pub, Chlenji

A nice place to have a cold beer and to have your car washed for 15 kwa. Night time they have DJs and usually a roast pig over charcoal. Cheap beer, good food, and nice staff.

Chicago's Reloaded

Lunch and night time this is a great place to be in East Park. Just expanded, Chicago's is nice for a late lunch but the night time is the best. Plan to go after 22 hours and people watch. You can reserve couches in advance.

Daytime and Overnight Experiences Lilai Lodge, Makeni Very beautiful lodge experience right outside of Lusaka. All rooms are individual huts. A bit pricey and attracts tourists. If that's not your thing, just go for the drive. Lilai is in the middle of a forest reserve where you will probably see animals. They also have elephant tours.

Palm Kalash, Chelston A great place to swim on a hot day and you can stay overnight. They have four pools, two for little kids and swimming will cost you 200 kwa per person. Once you're in the food is cheap and the service is really nice from all local people.

Bonanza Golf Course, Kasisi

Close to the airport, this is a beautiful place. I don't golf, but I go there to eat and soak up the scenery. Very beautiful sunsets for dinner. These are American prices, but still affordable. It has a great restaurant that's outdoor and indoor. Like almost anywhere in Lusaka, you can smoke cigars and cigarettes while you have a drink. Worth the short drive.

Stay tuned for future articles on other fun places to visit when you find yourself in Lusaka!

Dalumba nomwa bala!

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